Step 3: Arrival in Kapuna

So, Kapuna. Get ready for a torrent of random information. This is a rather interesting place, mainly because it isn't really a village in the traditional sense. Once upon a time in 1949 a small missionary hospital was set up in the bush. It quickly grew and included a training school for general healthcare workers.... Continue Reading →


A Health Patrol

Kapuna hospital runs health patrols to surrounding villages every month or so. We were invited to join the next patrol to a village an hour away called Baimuru. There is a health centre set up here, but the 15 members of staff that should be running it are hardly ever present. Only about three nurses... Continue Reading →

Step 2: Travel to Kapuna

It was four in the morning, we had already dismissed our alarms before they could go off. Feeling surprisingly clear and awake thanks to the jetlag, we moved our belongings out of our room to prepare for pick-up. For the first time in our lives, the taxi we had ordered came half an hour earlier.... Continue Reading →

Step one: arrival

After a gruelling 29 hour journey we arrived in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. There, we received the first of many warm welcomes to come. Nellie greeted us at the arrival hall, showed us where to get a sim card and brought us to Mapang, our guesthouse. Our flight out from Port... Continue Reading →

La Guajira pt. 2

Writing regularly is harder than I thought. Thought it would be a shame to not complete the last few stories though, also for us to look back on. So, I will continue to finish off all the half written posts and posting them. Our alarms screamed out at us in the early morning. Luckily for... Continue Reading →

La Guajira pt. 1

The next few posts come after we have completed our trip. During the last few weeks of our travel we were fully engrossed by the experience - that, and writing on a mobile phone sucks - so writing was unceremoniously chucked to the side. Our apologies for that, seeing as we have now heard that... Continue Reading →


Passing through Santa Marta we headed to the area of Tayrona park. We decided to splurge for a couple of days and booked at the Chayrama eco hotel. A lovely hotel with cabins made of wood tucked away on a hillside amongst trees and plants. The owner of the hotel has a beautiful golden retriever... Continue Reading →

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