La Guajira pt. 2

Writing regularly is harder than I thought. Thought it would be a shame to not complete the last few stories though, also for us to look back on. So, I will continue to finish off all the half written posts and posting them. Our alarms screamed out at us in the early morning. Luckily for... Continue Reading →


La Guajira pt. 1

The next few posts come after we have completed our trip. During the last few weeks of our travel we were fully engrossed by the experience - that, and writing on a mobile phone sucks - so writing was unceremoniously chucked to the side. Our apologies for that, seeing as we have now heard that... Continue Reading →


Passing through Santa Marta we headed to the area of Tayrona park. We decided to splurge for a couple of days and booked at the Chayrama eco hotel. A lovely hotel with cabins made of wood tucked away on a hillside amongst trees and plants. The owner of the hotel has a beautiful golden retriever... Continue Reading →


Out of the big city, and in search of something more tranquilo, we ended up in Cartagena. (Mind you to get there we booked a flight at Fatima Suites from Bogotá for 50 euros a person. Definitely beats a 22 hour bus ride if you ask me.) We stayed in the Getsemani area. This is... Continue Reading →


Despite a bit of a shaky start in Bogotá, we discovered the city has a lot more to offer than just muggings. On our first day we had an unofficial walking tour through the city-from the hostal to the police station and back-with a wonderful police woman. She showed us the plaza de Bolivar with... Continue Reading →

A robbery in Bogotá

Before coming to Colombia we had heard all the stories about day-kidnappings, violence, and muggings. The key word there is stories, like so many things, it never seemed like something that fit into our sheltered reality. We arrived in Bogota at 18:30 and took a taxi to our accommodation. The road to our hostel was... Continue Reading →

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