Preparing for The Great Emigration

After a period of silence we want to start anew in this blog, with a brand new adventure. On the 24th of October, Lina and I will be heading off to Papua New Guinea for a year. The first question most likely to come up is; WHY? By the side of a river, surrounded by... Continue Reading →


La Guajira pt. 1

The next few posts come after we have completed our trip. During the last few weeks of our travel we were fully engrossed by the experience - that, and writing on a mobile phone sucks - so writing was unceremoniously chucked to the side. Our apologies for that, seeing as we have now heard that... Continue Reading →


Passing through Santa Marta we headed to the area of Tayrona park. We decided to splurge for a couple of days and booked at the Chayrama eco hotel. A lovely hotel with cabins made of wood tucked away on a hillside amongst trees and plants. The owner of the hotel has a beautiful golden retriever... Continue Reading →


Out of the big city, and in search of something more tranquilo, we ended up in Cartagena. (Mind you to get there we booked a flight at Fatima Suites from Bogotá for 50 euros a person. Definitely beats a 22 hour bus ride if you ask me.) We stayed in the Getsemani area. This is... Continue Reading →


Despite a bit of a shaky start in Bogotá, we discovered the city has a lot more to offer than just muggings. On our first day we had an unofficial walking tour through the city-from the hostal to the police station and back-with a wonderful police woman. She showed us the plaza de Bolivar with... Continue Reading →

A robbery in Bogotá

Before coming to Colombia we had heard all the stories about day-kidnappings, violence, and muggings. The key word there is stories, like so many things, it never seemed like something that fit into our sheltered reality. We arrived in Bogota at 18:30 and took a taxi to our accommodation. The road to our hostel was... Continue Reading →


-English für Deutsch see below- The journey has now really started. We have arrived in Madrid and the timing could not be better. After a period of rain the city's flora has flourished, painting the city in every possible shade of green. We arrived in the afternoon and so were only left with half a... Continue Reading →

German – oder: unser Trip auf Deutsch

Hallo an alle, Da ich einige deutschsprachige Familienmitglieder und Freunde habe, werde ich einige unserer Posts hier auf deutsch zusammenfassen. Ich werde allerdings keine genauen Übersetzungen schreiben, also nicht wundern, wenn die deutschen Posts von den englischen abweichen. Auch möchte ich vor meiner Rechtschreibung und Grammatik warnen. Verbesserungen sind immer erwünscht 🙂 Zu unseren Plänen:... Continue Reading →

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